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Behaviour Policy

In very rare cases we reserve the right to remove learners from a course. We will do that where learners are felt, by the tutor, to be disrupting the course. A learner can discuss this further with the Adult Learning and Skills Coordinator.

Learners cannot attend a course when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Learners who demand attention in inappropriate ways and/or are excessively noisy or abusive will be asked to modify their conduct.

In the first instance the tutor will raise their concern with the Adult Learning and Skills Coordinator who will meet with the learner and explain the concern. If the learner recognises the validity of the concern and amends his/her behaviour then no further action need be taken.

In some cases learners disrupt a class through no fault of their own. They may, for instance, have language or learning disabilities which make the course unsuitable for them. In such instances we will try to arrange appropriate learning support or assist the learner to find a learning opportunity which suitably prepares them for re-entry to the original course at a later date.

A learner who thinks we have subjected them to discriminatory action should contact the Adult Learning and Skills Coordinator who will liaise as necessary to see if there has been any breach of the equal opportunities policy.

Staff are reminded that breach of the equal opportunities policy may lead to dismissal after due investigation of any particular incident.