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  • Refunds/Cancellation Policy


    We only give refunds where we cancel or substantially alter a course. However a refund will be allowed if you cancel your place at least 10 term-time working days before the course start date.

    In the case of prolonged illness or accident (e.g. breaking a limb and unable to travel to the classes), and on production of a doctor’s note, we will offer credit for a similar future course.

    If you feel that a course is not fulfilling its objectives as outlined in the course description, please notify us within two weeks of the course starting and we will take steps to address this. If you are still not satisfied that the course is meeting your objectives you must inform us within two working weeks of the course being reviewed, using the complaints procedure.

    If we cancel a course part-way through, due to circumstances beyond our control, then we will reimburse the tuition fee for the remaining part of the course.