Health and Safety – Information for Learners

Health and Safety – Information for Learners

1. The Local Education Authority (LEA) has the overall responsibility for establishing and maintaining a Health and Safety Management System in all of their establishments and workplaces. As the employer the LEA will also ensure that each establishment or workplace is the responsibility of an appropriate health and safety committee. These committees are in touch with the accountable governing body and the senior manager. The responsibility is, therefore, a four way affair – LEA, senior manager, governing body and staff.

2. The Governors of St Ivo School recognise their responsibility to set a safety policy for all of the work which falls within their remit, which is in accordance with the policies of the LEA. To that end they have prepared a written policy statement which sets out clearly the Health and Safety rules and procedures applicable to everyone in the School.

3. The Adult and Community Learning Management Group recognise their responsibility to set a similar safety policy for all of the work which falls within their remit. To that end they defer to the principles, organisation and arrangements defined within the St Ivo School Health and Safety Policy. This document outlines the Health and Safety rules and procedure peculiar to Adult and Community Learning in order that they may discharge those responsibilities effectively.

Arrangements and Procedures

The only purpose in writing and implementing a Health and Safety Policy is to create a safer environment. The management, organisation and responsibilities inevitably lead to the day to day arrangements and procedures which promote that safer environment.

Adult and Community Learning employs people to work in a range of environments. Adult tutors work not only in St Ivo School but in a range of halls, schools and other premises. It is the responsibility of all of these workers to ensure that, as far as is practicably possible; they have suitable procedures and adequate arrangements to deal with all eventualities. Staff should familiarise themselves with the local arrangements for any premises within which they work.

The adult tutor handbook includes information about

  • Evacuation Procedures
  • First Aid
  • Accident Reporting
  • Testing of Portable Electrical Equipment

Adult tutors should distribute the Safety Document to Learners and Community Users.
The School Staff Handbook and a variety of policy documents both local and County cover all of the above plus

  • Waste disposal
  • Maintenance of equipment and plant
  • Swimming
  • Vehicle movements on educational sites
  • Contractors on site
  • Minibus use
  • Lettings
  • Visitor procedures
  • Food Hygiene
  • Codes of Practice
  • Training
  • Smoking

If any member of ACL staff is in any doubt about any issue concerned with safety they must contact the ACL Co-ordinator who will take appropriate action.

Staff who discover a hazard which poses an immediate danger which they are unable to report to the ACL Co-ordinator or other appropriate person should take immediate steps to make the situation safe by any necessary means.

Monitoring and Implementation

Responsibility for ensuring the effective implementation of this policy, and monitoring matters of health and safety, lies principally with the St Ivo School Health and Safety Committee.

The ACL Co-ordinator is a representative to that Committee.

The responsibilities of that Committee are outlined in the Health and Safety Policy for St Ivo School.

There are safety audits at the School. Staff working at other establishments should ask about the auditing procedures in place there.

Adult tutors should raise issues of concern with the appropriate people for any particular circumstance, e.g. Village Hall Caretakers, ACL Administrators, Caretaking or Cleaning staff.