Equal Opportunities Strategy Monitoring

St Ives Adult Learning and Skills has a number of documents and policies which are designed to promote fairness across the range of services we offer, the way that we operate and the way that we deal with employees.

These documents include:

  • Equal Opportunities Statement
  • Disability Statement
  • Race Equality Policy
  • Adult Education Application Procedure
  • Fees and Charges Policy
  • Academic Appeals Procedure
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Refunds/Cancellation Policy
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Lettings Policy
  • Racial Incidents in Adult and Community Learning Establishments

Additionally the work of the office is guided by a number of relevant County Council and LEA policy documents which have a bearing on Equal Opportunities.

We try to behave in a fair and reasonable way even when we do not work to any specific policy or guidelines.

However, written policies and trying to behave in a fair and reasonable way do not guarantee that our practice is non-discriminatory.