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Equal Opportunities Strategy Monitoring


St Ives Adult Learning and Skills has a number of documents and policies which are designed to promote fairness across the range of services we offer, the way that we operate and the way that we deal with employees.

These documents include:

  • Equal Opportunities Statement
  • Disability Statement
  • Fees Policy
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Refunds and Cancellation Policy
  • Evaluation Forms

In order to monitor our practice in relation to our objective we could be asked to provide particular evidence that could include:

  • Checking what sort of data collection systems are in place, how rigorous they are, and whether they have any built in bias.
  • Comparing the learner profile or Management Information System data with the census profile for the area.
  • Confirming that sufficient, critical information can be translated into appropriate languages in addition to English
  • Checking that information in publications, on the website and on notice boards is non discriminatory and available in a range of appropriate forms.
  • Ensuring that the complaints procedure is able to deal effectively with complaints about discrimination.
  • Reviewing specific policy documents.
  • Monitoring complaints and user evaluation forms.
  • Asking for specific information or reports on pieces of work which aim to address imbalances in provision or to attract marginalised groups.

If the evidence does not exist, or if the evidence points to discriminatory behaviour, then appropriate action will have to be taken.

We are confident that this monitoring process ensures that Equal Opportunity is at the forefront of our everyday practice.