Fire Evacuation Procedures


Adult and Community Learning (ACL) Tutors and Staff

If you discover a fire, raise the alarm by breaking the glass in one of the red call points. This will alert the Site Team and in the event of a genuine emergency the alarm will sound after two minutes. Do not wait for the alarm to sound but evacuate as below.

The fire alarm is a continuous bell. When the alarm sounds, all rooms and all buildings should be evacuated. Leave by the nearest exit. Do not re-enter a building to reach the assembly point. Do not presume that the alarm is a false alarm. Do not go looking for missing people. Do not go searching for the fire. Do not fight the fire. Your primary duty is to get yourself and those around you to a place of safety. If you are responsible for people who cannot get to the assembly point get them to a place of safety, ensure that they have at least one companion and report the situation at the assembly point.

If it is safe to close doors and windows as you leave, then do. However, do not take time to collect personal belongings together.

From midnight to 7pm: Adult learners and ACL staff should assemble with the school staff and students in the lower recreation area.

Tutors should check that all of their learners are present and inform ACL staff of the results of that check who will then inform the Fire Marshal.

The Fire Marshal will inform the all clear when appropriate, or the Emergency Services will take charge.

From 7pm to midnight: Adult learners and ACL staff should assemble in the car park nearest to the tennis courts at the High Leys entrance.

The fire brigade are automatically called.

Tutors should check that their learners are all present. Tutors should then report to ACL staff at the entrance to the tennis court car park with the results of that check.

ACL Staff should also try to ensure that any groups not organised through ACL are accounted for. If groups or individuals are not accounted for, then an appropriate course of action should be determined by the senior member of the ACL Staff and the Duty Site Officer and the Emergency Services.

The senior member of the ACL staff present will inform the all clear after consultation with the Duty Site Officer, or the Emergency Services will take charge.