Disability Policy

St Ives Adult Learning and Skills
Disability Statement


St Ives Adult Learning and Skills welcome the diversity of gender, ages, abilities, ethnic origins, faiths and cultures of the people who make up our society.

It is a fundamental principle of our policies that all people should be valued regardless of their economic circumstances, gender, sexual status, sexuality, age, abilities, disabilities, culture, cultural background, ethnicity, ethnic background, religion, health status or language (including signed languages).

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all people, particularly those who are seeking and using our services.

We will seek to ensure equal opportunities through:
Offering confidential interviews to discuss particular learning needs.
Ensuring services are equally accessible and relevant to the needs of different client groups.
The development of policies, including consultation with communities and groups affected.
Training for all staff.
Publicity for, and access to services in relevant formats, where necessary.

We will use an ACL Governor, or their representative, to monitor this statement and its implementation.


We are responsible for the Adult Learning and Skills provision of the Local Education Authority in the area defined by the parishes of Hilton, Fenstanton, the Hemingfords, Houghton, Wyton, St Ives, Needingworth and Holywell. The first point of contact for queries about Adult Learning and Skills provision in our area is Tricia Tacconi at St. Ivo School, telephone 01480 495717, email acloffice@stivoschool.org or post to Adult Learning and Skills, St. Ivo School, High Leys, St. Ives, Cambs PE27 6RR.

Our work is supported and informed by opportunities developed, delivered and managed through Cambridgeshire County Council and its partners and supports work with

People with physical disabilities
People with sensory disabilities
People with learning disabilities
People with, or recovering from, mental illness
People who are frail and elderly.


Curriculum support

The Learning Partners Scheme helps adults with special needs to participate in the full range of Adult Learning and Skills activities. Learning partners are volunteers who share with a student with a disability the enjoyment and stimulation of attending a course/activity while providing friendship and support.

Learning Support may be available for those learners who undertake learning opportunities which lead to qualifications. This might include appropriate specialised equipment or additional support from interpreters, teaching support assistants, readers, signers and other communicators.

Staff Expertise

Cambridgeshire County Council will ensure that full and part time staff have opportunities to participate in staff development and training related to disability.


We are usually able to make appropriate arrangements for assessments and examinations to suit individual requirements arising from disabilities etc.


People in wheelchairs can access several areas including classrooms and computer suites. We have adapted toilets at St Ivo School. We will always do our best to ensure that people can access any of our learning opportunities by moving venues, changing times etc.

We will endeavour to arrange further designated car parking spaces for people with mobility difficulties at course venues, if designated spaces are insufficient.


The first point of contact for all complaints should be any member of the Adult Learning and Skills staff or the Co-ordinator, Tricia Tacconi, who is based at St. Ivo School, telephone 01480 495717, email acloffice@stivoschool.org.


This statement will be kept under review. Any comments or proposals relating to this statement should be directed to Tricia Tacconi.