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The following courses have just been added or have recently changed:

  • Family Learning: Support your Child's Learning in Maths - Years 6, 7 and 8 NEW (NC295)These ‘hands on’ sessions will enable you to find out how to engage your child in everyday maths, develop key skills and processes and help them to learn. We will focus on properties of shape, adding fractions, percentages and solving problems. Most importantly you will learn to help your child gain confidence to achieve in Key Stage Two SATs and their maths lessons at Secondary school. This course is aimed at parents and carers.
  • Family Learning: Support Your Child’s Learning in English -Years 6, 7 and 8 NEW (NB286)The course is designed to enable parents and carers to support their child with the reading and writing skills taught in school. The course will focus on improving writing skills such as spelling, punctuation and sentence grammar. We will also focus on how to read and analyse a text, thinking about the choices the author made and how to infer meaning from texts.
  • Spanish - Beginners Part 1 (NB313)This is term one of a progressive (three term) course starting in September and you need to register before the start of each term. Through fun and interactive activities you will learn the basic language skills to communicate simply in everyday situations in Spanish, such as how to greet, introduce oneself, ask the time, get public transport, ask directions, ask for a cup of coffee, beer, ‘tapas’, ice cream, etc. Each topic will be widely linked with a vibrant cultural approach. The taster option will allow you to come for two weeks to experience the course. If you choose to continue, the cost will be deducted from the full course fee. Please note that a taster option is available for this course. Please consider this as we only give refunds where we cancel or substantially alter a course .
  • Spanish - Beginners Taster (NB314)A taste of the full Spanish Beginners course – see that course description for full details. Cost will be deducted from full course fee if you choose to continue.