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The following courses have just been added or have recently changed:

  • Ballroom Dancing (NA7)Want to have some fun, make new friends and keep fit? This social dance class is for those new to ballroom and those with some prior experience. You will be taught dances such as - Latin, Samba, Cha Cha, Jive, Rumba, Pasodoble, Waltz, Quick Step, Foxtrot and Tango.
  • British Sign Language - An Introduction (NA229)SPECIAL PRICE £20 for low waged/unwaged! Absolute beginners are invited to join us to learn the basics of British Sign Language. Immerse yourself in this interactive course, which will provide you with the skills and confidence to communicate with those who have deafness or hearing loss. You will learn a multitude of signs - topics which include: finger spelling, family, emotions, numbers, colours and much more. You will be taught to understand facial expressions, hand shapes and tips for fluency, all of which lead you to communicate using British Sign Language.
  • Computing: Microsoft Excel (NB35)Do you want to produce more professional looking and complex documents and outputs? This course is designed to progress the computer learner from a basic level to a much higher level using particular applications. It delivers a broad range of skills that can be transferred across a number of sectors. We use Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser and a network using Windows 10 operating system, together with Office 2016. Email is via webmail accounts. The Excel course will cover a range of skills including creating, saving and retrieving spreadsheets, using simple and more complex formulae, previewing and printing your work, changing page settings, cut, copy, paste and paste special, producing charts from the inputted data.
  • Computing: Microsoft Word (NB38)Do you want to produce more professional looking and complex documents and outputs? This course is designed to progress the computer learner from a basic level to a much higher level using particular applications. We use Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser and a network using Windows 10 operating system, together with Office 2016. Email is via webmail accounts. The Word course will cover a range of skills including moving and copying text, creating tables, inserting text boxes, adjusting margins, creating borders, importing graphics, inserting bullets points and numbering, formatting paragraphs, creating headers and footers, using envelopes and labels tools and simple mail merge.
  • Cookery: Breadmaking NEW (NF158)Baking wellbeing! Enjoy a therapeutic day of kneading out your frustrations and make three delicious bread dishes to take home and enjoy. You will be making bread rolls, Chelsea buns and soda bread.
  • Counselling - An Introduction (NA234)SPECIAL PRICE £20 for low waged/unwaged! This course provides a general introduction to counselling. You will gain a basic understanding of counselling skills to help other people and will deepen your understanding of the emotional needs of yourself and others. You will also learn about basic interpersonal and counselling skills which are transferable to a range of voluntary and paid opportunities in the health, social care, justice and other sectors. The course covers the difference between counselling and other helping relationships, the use of helping skills, and a general introduction to counselling theory. A certificate of attendance will be issued on successful completion of the course.
  • Craft: Fused Glass Jewellery NEW (NA12)Try your hand at making some beautiful, colourful glass jewellery. You will learn about different types of glass and make a number of different items; you can choose between pendants or earrings, or make a mixture of both. You will learn how to work with glass, how to use tools safely and how to develop and produce pleasing designs. There is a charge of £35 for materials and equipment, payable to your tutor at the first class.
  • Craft: Fused Glass Jewellery Workshop NEW (NF17)A hands-on workshop for anyone who would like to try working with glass. Learn how to cut and assemble coloured and dichroic glass into some unique and stunning pieces of jewellery. We will begin by discussing the different types of glass, safety and basic techniques for handling and cutting and then you will be designing and assembling a number of pieces during the day. Your designs will be fired by the tutor and will be available for you to collect from the Adult Learning office the following week. There is a £25 charge for materials and equipment, payable to your tutor at the workshop.
  • Creative Writing - Beginners (NA227)The course is designed to cultivate and develop an ability to write within a number of creative forms. We will evaluate various types of literary works in order to identify, evaluate and measure the merits of creative writing so as to develop and demonstrate a growing ability within our own creative work. We will compare and contrast the works of writers in different genres of creative literature to help to develop a broad appreciation of literary form and style. Additionally, we will look at basic form and structure within poetry, short stories, novels and screenplays so as to better inform our own work. We will each produce several pieces of creative work throughout the duration of the course. These creative pieces will include a poem, short story, synopsis for a novel and one full scene from a screen, stage or television play.
  • First Aid - Basic First Aid Life Support (NF208)The course will cover scene safety and approach, assessing basic life support functions (DRABC), recovery position, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillation (AED), choking and controlling minor and major bleeds.
  • First Aid: Baby and Child (NF210)This session focuses on first aid for children and babies. You will cover unconsciousness and recovery positions, child and baby CPR, choking, bleeds and burns. You will also receive a Paediatric First Aid book to take home that goes into more detail about other illnesses such as meningitis. Suitable for parents, expectant parents, babysitters, carers and anyone who looks after children in the home.
  • Massage: Body Massage - Beginners (NB92)This is a very 'hands-on' course - the price is just £70 per couple, please note that you need to come with a friend or relative so that you both have someone to practise on! You will learn a routine to enable you to give a back massage. This course will focus on the practical application rather than theory although you will learn a little about the history of back massage and massage techniques.
  • Photography: Digital Photography - Beginners (NA85)The course will discuss the fundamental and technical aspects of the DSLR camera, such as settings and functions. Lessons will cover a wide range of skills to create a good photograph using composition, depth of field, aperture, shutter speed and ISO features. Learners will be expected to submit images on a weekly basis and critique each other's work as a learning tool. This will help build confidence and establish sound knowledge. Practical group sessions will also be maintained throughout this course.
  • Photography: Getting to Know Your Digital Camera (NF90)This workshop is about learning the basics of your DSLR camera; from the technical aspects to an explanation of the external camera functions and a range of internal settings. You will learn how to take your first quality photograph with confidence.
  • Photoshop - Beginners (NB95)The course will provide an introduction to Photoshop, starting with an explanation of the different types of picture file and how they are best sized and saved. Learners will be shown how to enhance and modify their images for printing, for social media or for saving in a digital album. You will look at editing photographs, improving or altering their lightness, their colours and removing unwanted elements. Finally, you will look at how to add to an image, introducing objects from other images. You will also explore the many stylistic elements offered by Photoshop, such as fading, transparency, sepia tone and other colour washes. You will be shown how to blur the background of an image, and how to use the 'layers' and 'masks' available in Photoshop. If there is time the tutor will show you how to make animated gifs as the grand finale to the course.
  • Teaching Assistant - An Introduction (NA228)SPECIAL PRICE £20 for low waged/unwaged! If you are considering a career change to becoming a Teaching Assistant, this course is a general introduction to support the parent helper in developing the requisite skills and competencies which are needed to work effectively in the primary education setting. This course is free-standing but is good preparation if you would like to move on to undertake the QCF qualification in supporting learning in the classroom in the primary phase. You will gain an understanding of key aspects needed for successful integration into the classroom delivery team and the impact that this may have on your work with children. You will be introduced to the skills that underpin a thoughtful approach to your practice and understand the importance of diversity within the classroom. Ways in which to develop your professional practice will also be considered as will some of the fundamental skills in working with children in activities and the techniques used to make basic observations of their progress. During the course you will look at: 1. The scope of the TA’s role, responsibilities and boundaries 2. Anti-discrimination practice 3. The basics of working effectively with the teacher 4. Some communication techniques 5. Issues of learner-independence 6. The basic SPICE sequence of child development 7. Types of play 8. Child observation methods 9. The skills that underpin a thoughtful approach to practice 10. Progression routes
  • Yoga (NB32)The sessions will include a variety of yoga postures and throughout each term, different postures will be featured. Each session will start with gentle preparation postures followed by main postures and will include a relaxation session. All postures can be modified (or substituted) to suit the individual, for example; you do not have to be able to touch your toes to stretch your hamstrings, however, those who can easily, can be shown modifications. Each learner will be encouraged to work within his/her own ability.