NB197 - Cake Decorating with Sugar Flowers, Cake Lace and Brush Embroidery NEW

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Course Cake Decorating with Sugar Flowers, Cake Lace and Brush Embroidery NEW

You will learn all the icing and decorating techniques to produce a perfectly smooth marzipan and fondant covered fruit cake base, with an iced and ribboned base board for a professional finish to your cake. Then you will learn everything you need to make beautiful sugar flowers teamed up with delicate brush embroidery and cake lace for a truly lovely cake, perfect for any occasion. At week one you will prepare and marzipan your fruit cake, cover it with fondant and ice and ribbon your cake drum (board). At week two you will learn how to make cake lace and royal icing and use brush embroidery and cake lace on your cake. At week three you will learn to make rose buds and leaves for your cake, and at week four you will learn to make blossoms, petunias and other flowers and wire them together to create sprigs to complete your cake decoration.

Required Skills This course is suitable for beginners or those with some previous cake decorating experience.
Teaching Method Tutor demonstration, discussion and practical hands on experience.
Outcomes You will have produced a finished cake decorated with brush embroidery, cake lace and sugar flowers and have learned the skills to decorate cakes at home to a high standard.
Materials required The following equipment is needed for week one: A 6”, 7” or 8” fruit cake, or a dummy cake if you prefer A cake drum (board) 2” larger in diameter than your cake A cardboard box/patisserie box large enough to transport your cake and drum in A large rolling pin A small palette knife Ribbon 15mm wide Pritt stick Icing sugar shaker Scissors Jam (pale colour such as apricot) Marzipan Please note should the course not run due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to take responsibility for the cost of any materials purchased.
Homework required
Assessment At the start of the course you will be given your own individual learning plan. Your tutor will record your entry level and together you will track your progress and achievements.
Progression to We will support learners to make informed choices about their next steps by providing appropriate individual and/or group information, advice, and/or guidance tailored to need and desired outcomes. Many other cake and cookery courses are offered at this centre; please visit www.aclearning.org.uk for further details.
Duration 4 weeks
Start Date Tuesday Nov 12, 2019
Course Costs £70.00
Timing-start 7:00 pm
Timing-end 9:00 pm
Course Code NB197
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