NF283 - Calligraphy: Decorative Capitals with Gothic Script NEW

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Course Calligraphy: Decorative Capitals with Gothic Script NEW

This workshop is an introduction to calligraphy: Learning to write with an edged nib, writing two calligraphic styles (Gothic script and decorative capitals), using colour, and using these skills to create a small concertina booklet which can be used as a greeting card or as an unusual way of recording a favourite quotation.

Required Skills You need to be able to understand, speak and write English. The workshop is suitable for complete beginners to calligraphy but would also be of interest to those who have some prior experience of calligraphy.
Teaching Method Demonstration and individual practical work.
Outcomes You will be able to enjoy making small calligraphic items at home.
Materials required You will need an assortment of equipment, see full list below, including pens/nibs, ink, paints, small paint containers and paper, much of which will be available to purchase on the day. The overall cost will be approx £5 to £7. PLEASE ADVISE IN ADVANCE IF YOU REQUIRE BRUSHES AND/OR LEFT-HANDED NIBS AS THEY MUST BE ORDERED IN ADVANCE. 1. Optional portable drawing board: If you have a portable drawing board, do bring it along. However, boards will be available to borrow from the tutor. 2. The following items will be available to purchase from the tutor on the day: • Nibs: Two round hand square cut steel nibs, size 1.5 and a size 4, 85p each (NOTE: PLEASE ADVISE IN ADVANCE IF YOU ARE LEFT-HANDED, SO THAT THE TUTOR CAN ENSURE THAT LEFT OBLIQUE NIBS ARE AVAILABLE FOR YOU.) • Reservoirs: One or two reservoirs, 60p each. • Pen holders into which your nib will fit. You could have two (one for each nib), or just one, and switch the nibs over, £1.35 each • Black ink and colours - gouache and bronze/silver powders - 70p overall contribution per student • Small containers for gouache paint etc, 50p each • Paper A3 size, 12p per sheet. Most students will find two to three sheets sufficient. 3. Brushes. An old or cheap one for mixing the colour and transferring it to the nib, and one or two better quality fine brushes for decorative work (size 2, 1, 0 or smaller). The tutor can obtain brushes for you price £3 if you let her know in advance. They will not be available on the day unless pre-ordered. 4. Accessories. One or two mini jam jars/egg cups, or a palette, for mixing gouache and metallic powders (alternatively, small containers will be available to purchase, as above). A water pot (a jam jar will do). Piece of cotton rag for drying nibs (not paper towel). A cloth such as J cloth or old tea towel, for placing all equipment on, to protect table. 5. Paper. Although A3 paper will be available to purchase, some students may prefer to bring their own if they already have it. Cartridge paper is ideal, weight approx 120-150gsm. A4 is not suitable. 6. Small piece (A4/A5 or offcut) of coloured paper or thin card for your booklet cover. Offcuts will be available free of charge for you to use if you do not have any, but you may prefer to bring your own if you want a specific colour. 7. General: Good-quality pencil crayons (optional), ruler (18” if possible but 12” is fine), glue stick, masking tape (only if you already have it, don’t buy specially), pencil, eraser. 8. If you have a cutting mat, craft knife and steel rule, please bring them, but there will be some available for everyone to use as well. Please bring a packed lunch. Tea and coffee are provided free of charge but in order to avoid waste we are asking learners to bring their own re-usable coffee cups if possible.
Homework required
Assessment At the start of the course you will be given your own individual learning plan. Your tutor will record your entry level and together you will track your progress and achievements.
Progression to We will support learners to make informed choices about their next steps by providing appropriate individual and/or group information, advice, and/or guidance tailored to need and desired outcomes. Following this workshop, you could join an ongoing weekly calligraphy class. Correspondence courses and summer schools are also available in various places and the tutor can provide details/links.
Duration 1 session
Start Date Saturday Oct 13, 2018
Course Costs £55.00
Concessions £44.00
Timing-start 9:30 am
Timing-end 4:00 pm
Course Code NF283
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