NA188 - Art: Perfect Pet Portraits in Acrylics NEW

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Course Art: Perfect Pet Portraits in Acrylics NEW

This course is for pet lovers wanting to learn how to paint a portrait of their pet. You will concentrate on painting dogs, although cat lovers are welcome! Learners are invited to work from their own photos to develop their own pet portrait. A portrait of the head and shoulders only would be preferable, perhaps from a slightly side view. In natural light, not bright sunlight, as this will bleach the colour of the picture.

You will start by learning how to use the grid method to enlarge the reference photo and transfer the image onto canvas. You will then start to block in the main areas using acrylics.

Subsequent layers will be developed using blending techniques to create the effects of fur and a final finished portrait. The tutor will provide one to one support on which colours learners will need to use and demonstrate all the painting and blending techniques required to complete a portrait of your perfect pet!

Required Skills A keen interest in drawing and painting with some experience of using acrylics.
Teaching Method Practical demonstrations of techniques and group discussion. The tutor will provide feedback and one to one support as the course progresses and a handout on “How to use the Grid Method” will be provided.
Outcomes By the end of the course, learners will have increased confidence and ability in painting by plenty of hands on experience and will have improved their techniques.
Materials required A good quality, large photo of your pet. A small sketchbook, A4 sheet of acetate, pencils, black fine sharpie pen, rubber and ruler, selection of acrylic paints, fine chisel brush and fine brushes with a good point and a table easel. A stretched canvas or canvas board or acrylic pad. Typically learners can expect to spend up to £50. This can vary widely depending on the quality of equipment. Learners can search on eBay for used artist materials and hopefully pick up a bargain!
Homework required Learners will need to ensure their painting develops at home as well as in class to complete their pet portrait.
Assessment At the start of the course you will be given your own individual learning plan with the course aims. Your tutor will record your entry level and together you will track your progress and achievements.
Progression to We will support learners to make informed choices about their next steps by providing appropriate individual and/or group information, advice, and/or guidance tailored to need and desired outcomes. Learners can return to paint further animal portraits of interest. Further courses here could include Watercolour Christmas Designs, Botanical Watercolour – Rich Colours of Autumn - Spring Delights – Tulips and Daffodils and Beautiful Roses, Watercolour - Plants and Flowers through the Seasons, Sketching to Painting or Watercolour Painting. Check out all our courses at
Duration 6 weeks
Start Date Monday Jan 21, 2019
Course Costs £75.00
Concessions £61.00
Timing-start 7:00 pm
Timing-end 9:00 pm
Course Code NA188
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