NA292 - Photography: Digital Photography - Beginners

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Course Photography: Digital Photography - Beginners

The course will discuss the fundamental and technical aspects of the DSLR camera, such as settings and functions. Lessons will cover a wide range of skills to create a good photograph using composition, depth of field, aperture, shutter speed and ISO features. Learners will be expected to submit images on a weekly basis and critique each other’s work as a learning tool. This will help build confidence and establish sound knowledge. Practical group sessions will also be maintained throughout this course.

Required Skills No prior knowledge required. You will need a digital camera.
Teaching Method Theory at the start of every lesson followed by practical and group work to accomplish lesson objectives.
Outcomes You will have gained a thorough understanding of your camera settings and functions enabling you to create a good photograph. Along the way you will have completed a portfolio of work. You can apply this knowledge to your personal/professional practice and attend progressive courses if desired. Certificates are awarded on completion of the course.
Materials required A digital camera, preferably a DSLR. When booking, you will be asked the type, make and model of your camera so that the course can be tailored to suit learners’ needs.
Homework required Learners will be required to submit one photograph per week, based on the previous lesson's topic. Learners will constructively critique each other's work and identify between average and excellent practice of taking better photographs.
Assessment At the start of the course you will be given your own individual learning plan. Your tutor will record your entry level and together you will track your progress and achievements. Progress will be measured using learner feedback. Formative 321 assessments will be used to help learners identify '3 things they have learned, 2 things they remember and 1 thing they struggled with'. Weekly photo challenges will be held to encourage the learning progress.
Progression to Digital Photography Improvers course and/or Photoshop. We will support learners to make informed choices about their next steps by providing appropriate individual and/or group information, advice, and/or guidance tailored to need and desired outcomes.
Duration 9 weeks
Start Date Monday Jan 14, 2019
Course Costs £105.00
Concessions £85.00
Timing-start 7:00 pm
Timing-end 9:00 pm
Course Code NA292
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