NF204 - Cookery: Chocoholics Workshop

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Course Cookery: Chocoholics Workshop

You will understand how to use chocolate in a variety of ways to produce high quality products such as demon truffles and luscious brownies and cookies. We shall also look at the different types of chocolate available and their uses, with the addition of heat or chilling and how these techniques can be used in everyday and luxury chocolate items.

Required Skills No experience required.
Teaching Method Spot demonstrations and discussions. Depending on the size of the class there will be some small group work.
Outcomes To be able to produce truffles, brownies and cookies and use the techniques learnt to experiment further, see progression.
Materials required An ingredients list will be sent out prior to the session for learners to purchase. Unusual ingredients that are not a regular purchase can be bought from the tutor. Learners can expect to spend a maximum of £5 in total. Tea and coffee are provided free of charge but in order to avoid waste we are asking learners to bring their own re-usable coffee cups if possible.
Homework required You will need to shop for ingredients in advance. However, should the course not run due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to take responsibility for the cost of those ingredients.
Assessment At the start of the course you will be given your own individual learning plan. Your tutor will record your entry level and together you will track your progress and achievements.
Progression to We will support learners to make informed choices about their next steps by providing appropriate individual and/or group information, advice, and/or guidance tailored to need and desired outcomes. You could extend your skills and knowledge and try one of our other classes in bakery, cookery and cake decorating. Check out our full range of courses on our website:
Duration 1 session
Start Date Saturday Dec 1, 2018
Course Costs £30.00
Concessions £24.00
Timing-start 9:30 am
Timing-end 12:30 pm
Course Code NF204
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