NB59 - Art: Watercolours and More - Mixed Ability

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Course Art: Watercolours and More - Mixed Ability

This course aims to stimulate learners who already have an ability to paint and who understand many of the materials used in painting. The course aims to encourage the use of watercolour and acrylics, in fresh ways. To experiment with the use of paint and colour in ways that will widen the creative and expressive appeal of the medium.

Required Skills No formal qualification is required. You should be able to work on your own project during the evening, some experience with watercolour will be needed. An ability to draw with knowledge of basic perspective will also be helpful.
Teaching Method Learners will be encouraged to work on paintings in either medium mentioned above using subjects of their own choosing. This approach will be augmented with demonstrations in new techniques and subjects by the tutor. A one-on-one approach will be used with the tutor spending as much time with each learner as time permits. The tutor will help with specific problems raised and will discuss them with the whole class where it is felt that everyone will benefit.
Outcomes It is hoped that you will feel you have advanced your understanding of watercolour painting and added to your range of techniques. It is also hoped that your confidence will have grown and you will feel more able to complete paintings with an improved level of competence. There is no formal qualification at the end of this course. It is hoped that all learners will gain the knowledge and confidence to tackle a wider range of painting subjects.
Materials required This course assumes some painting experience and, therefore, the possession of some painting materials. These will probably suffice except for the small ongoing cost of paper and new paint. If you have to buy then the tutor will advise you on appropriate materials at the first class; a starting cost is likely to be around £40.00.
Homework required No - although progress is only made through practice.
Assessment At the start of the course you will be given your own individual learning plan. Your tutor will record your entry level and together you will track your progress and achievements.
Progression to We will support learners to make informed choices about their next steps by providing appropriate individual and/or group information, advice, and/or guidance tailored to need and desired outcomes. This second level course will build on your skills and allow you to experiment with other media outside of the classroom. You will also develop a deeper appreciation for art. Check out all our courses at www.aclearning.org.uk
Duration 9 weeks
Start Date Tuesday Jan 15, 2019
Course Costs £105.00
Concessions £85.00
Timing-start 7:00 pm
Timing-end 9:00 pm
Course Code NB59
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