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  • Astronomy: The Grandest Tour from Earth to the Edge of the Universe

    Assuming no prior knowledge, as celestial traveller’s we’ll obtain a step-by-step overview of this amazing cosmos, through the full-spectrum eyes of our present golden era of astronomy, with a grand tour starting outwards from our small corner of the Universe, and taking in cosmic wonders, from the gentle birth of stars to their cataclysmic demise, pulsars to black holes, to the billions of galaxies, shaped into vast filaments around vast cosmic voids. So if you truly wish to expand your horizons, and occasionally blow your mind in the process, then join us for one truly truly amazing journey:

    Course Code NA167
    Timing - start 7:00 pm
    Timing - end 9:00 pm
    Duration 8 weeks
    Start Date Monday Jan 20, 2020
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