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  • Art: Ink Art NEWThis course explores the different uses of water-soluble inks. Ecoline inks are vibrant in colour, rewettable and light to use. Sometimes they just ‘do their own thing’ with stunning effects. Learn how to apply them to still life, sea and landscape, even portraits.
  • Art: Watercolour - Pen and WashYou will be working on a local landscape subject including water and buildings.
  • Art: Watercolour Landscapes - Beginners PlusIf you have begun a course or are returning to art after a long absence, this course is right for you. It will focus on application of techniques such as those learned in our introductory course. You will cover water, mists, reflection, snow, ice and buildings. Additions like animals, vehicles, boats and harbours will also be covered.
  • British Sign Language - An IntroductionThis course may be available for £20, subject to confirmation of funding. Eligibility criteria will apply. Contact us to find out more. Absolute beginners are invited to join us to learn the basics of British Sign Language. Immerse yourself in this interactive course, which will provide you with the skills and confidence to communicate with those who have deafness or hearing loss. You will learn a multitude of signs - topics which include: finger spelling, family, emotions, numbers, colours and much more. You will be taught to understand facial expressions, hand shapes and tips for fluency, all of which lead you to communicate using British Sign Language.
  • Cookery: Indian Feast for Friends NEW MENUIndian food is becoming the nation's favourite! Join us and prepare a set menu of five delicious dishes suitable for entertaining friends or family. Learn how to use herbs and spices to achieve a delicious home-cooked taste and gain confidence to prepare Indian food at home. Indian food is particularly good to share with friends as the flavour improves after resting for some time or even overnight. Using all natural ingredients, you will discover how healthy and economical Indian home-cooking is and be less quick to reach for the take-away menu! Recipes can be adapted for vegetarian, vegan and special diets, please enquire when booking.
  • Cookery: Let's Get Cooking One Pot Suppers NEWDuring this course you will learn how to produce a tasty meal using just one pan. We will cook meals that can see the family though the week or meals for special occasions, without the fuss.
  • Craft: Crochet Amigurumi - Learn How to Make Crochet Toys NEWAmigurumi is a Japanese word for a specific type of crocheted cute soft toy. Learn how to make your own toy in this class. We will learn how to start with a magic ring, crochet in a spiral, add decorative stitches and finally to sew the pieces together, add stuffing and safety eyes. You can either make your toy from a free pattern or buy a pattern for the toy you want to make.
  • Craft: Crochet Next StepsGrow your repertoire of crochet stitches and learn how to make crochet squares, hexagons, circles and more complex lace and crochet overlay techniques.
  • Craft: Free Motion Embroidery, An Introduction NEWFree motion embroidery can be used to enhance the projects that you like to make. You will learn how to achieve success with different fabrics and threads. Samples can be made of all of these techniques.
  • Creative Writing - BeginnersThe course is designed to cultivate and develop an ability to write within a number of creative forms. We will evaluate various types of literary works in order to identify, evaluate and measure the merits of creative writing so as to develop and demonstrate a growing ability within our own creative work. We will compare and contrast the works of writers in different genres of creative literature to help to develop a broad appreciation of literary form and style. Additionally, we will look at basic form and structure within poetry, short stories, novels and screenplays so as to better inform our own work. We will each produce several pieces of creative work throughout the duration of the course. These creative pieces will include a poem, short story, synopsis for a novel and one full scene from a screen, stage or television play.
  • Guitar - Next Steps 2The course is a follow-on from the Next Steps Course, so some prior knowledge of playing guitar is required. You will develop confidence by using various playing techniques.
  • Italian Beginners Part 2This is term two of a progressive (three term) course starting in September and you need to register before the start of each term. This course will help you to develop an appreciation of the Italian language and culture. You will learn to use basic vocabulary and grammatical structures in short conversations to communicate in everyday situations. You will also practise writing simple sentences. You will learn how to place orders in bars and restaurants, book hotel rooms, shop for food, clothing, souvenirs and presents, count up to 6 digit numbers, be able to spell using the Italian alphabet, tell and understand the time, ask for directions, use verbs in the present, past and future tenses etc.
  • Italian Improvers Part 2This is a progressive (three term) course starting in September and you need to register before the start of each term. This course is suitable for those who have studied Italian for two terms. Learners may join at terms 2 or 3 depending on ability. As well as developing an appreciation of the Italian language and culture, this course aims to improve the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) giving more emphasis to speaking, listening and reading. You will converse developing an authentic pronunciation enriched with expanded vocabulary and grammar. Topics will be more personal and will include giving and asking opinions.
  • ReflexologyThis course may be available for £20, subject to confirmation of funding. Eligibility criteria will apply. Please contact us to find out more. During the course we will find out how the foot has been mapped out to represent the body and learn a routine to help give a relaxing, sense of wellbeing treatment. The course will also contain information on the effects and benefits to our bodies of this wonderful therapy. The history of the development of reflexology is fascinating and we will explore this along with looking at the more practical aspects of foot structure and learning how to use reflexology safely on friends and family and when reflexology should be avoided.
  • Reiki I - An IntroductionReiki is a healing energy that is passed on from a Reiki Master Teacher to a student through an attunement. It enables the student to receive this healing energy to promote relaxation and healing in themselves and others. Reiki I is the foundation course and can lead to the next level of Reiki II which would then enable the student to channel more energy for themselves, others and situations as well as “send” healing. Reiki II is seen as the practitioner status and those taking this level can become insured to offer this healing art to the general public. Reiki I will more specifically cover meditations, Reiki history, Reiki principles, Eastern/Western energy systems, attunements (students must receive all four attunements to enable the Reiki healing energy to flow through them), treatment process for self and others. There will be continuing assessments and tests during the course. A certificate of qualification will be issued at the end of the course. This will act as a pre-requisite should the student want to develop their training to the next level of Reiki II.
  • Wellness BoostUnderstand what true wellness is and how it affects your body, mind and soul. We will look at: • Meditation • Drumming • Massage • Aromatherapy • Emotional Freedom Technique • Reiki healing • Crystals and Colour
  • YogaThe sessions will include a variety of yoga postures and throughout each term, different postures will be featured. Each session will start with gentle preparation postures followed by main postures and will include a relaxation session. All postures can be modified (or substituted) to suit the individual, for example; you do not have to be able to touch your toes to stretch your hamstrings, however, those who can easily, can be shown modifications. Each learner will be encouraged to work within his/her own ability.
  • Zumba Gold®Designed to meet the needs of those looking for a low impact or slower paced workout, Zumba Gold® is perfect for the "mature mover", those with limited or reduced mobility (can also be taken as a seated workout) or those just beginning a move towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Still with all the Zumba® fun and party atmosphere.
  • Zumba® FitnessDance fitness exercise classes, using a combination of Latin and World rhythms plus pop and chart music to generate a party-like atmosphere - while providing a fun but effective workout. Zumba® can help you achieve so much towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle, and all while having a great time!! These are really fun and friendly classes, and lots of wiggling, jiggling and giggling! Come along and get sweaty, raise your heart-rate, burn calories and tone up.