Statement of Safety Policy

Arrangements and Procedures

The only purpose in writing and implementing a Health and Safety Policy is to create a safer environment. The management, organisation and responsibilities inevitably lead to the day to day arrangements and procedures which promote that safer environment.

Adult and Community Learning employs people to work in a range of environments. Adult tutors work not only in St Ivo School but in a range of halls, schools and other premises. It is the responsibility of all of these workers to ensure that, as far as is practicably possible; they have suitable procedures and adequate arrangements to deal with all eventualities. Staff should familiarise themselves with the local arrangements for any premises within which they work.

The adult tutor handbook includes information about

  • Evacuation Procedures
  • First Aid
  • Accident Reporting
  • Testing of Portable Electrical Equipment

Adult tutors should distribute the Safety Document to Learners and Community Users.

The School Staff Handbook and a variety of policy documents both local and County cover all of the above plus

  • Waste disposal
  • Maintenance of equipment and plant
  • Swimming
  • Vehicle movements on educational sites
  • Contractors on site
  • Minibus use
  • Lettings
  • Visitor procedures
  • Food Hygiene
  • Codes of Practice
  • Training
  • Smoking

If any member of ACL staff is in any doubt about any issue concerned with safety they must contact the ACL Co-ordinator who will take appropriate action.

Staff who discover a hazard which poses an immediate danger which they are unable to report to the ACL Co-ordinator or other appropriate person should take immediate steps to make the situation safe by any necessary means.

Monitoring and Implementation

Responsibility for ensuring the effective implementation of this policy, and monitoring matters of health and safety, lies principally with the St Ivo School Health and Safety Committee.

The ACL Co-ordinator is a representative to that Committee.

The responsibilities of that Committee are outlined in the Health and Safety Policy for St Ivo School.

There are safety audits at the School. Staff working at other establishments should ask about the auditing procedures in place there.

Adult tutors should raise issues of concern with the appropriate people for any particular circumstance, e.g. Village Hall Caretakers, ACL Administrators, Caretaking or Cleaning staff.


This leaflet provides only basic and general information about Health and Safety matters. If you have any concerns about any Health or Safety matters please raise them with the Adult and Community Learning Office at St Ivo School.

All learners have an obligation under Health and Safety legislation:

  • to observe safety and health procedures to avoid contributory negligence or prosecution
  • to safeguard the safety and health of themselves and others
  • not wilfully to misuse, damage or interfere with equipment provided for health and safety;
  • to familiarise themselves with evacuation routes, the locations of alarms and assembly points.

In case of fire:

  • raise the alarm
  • leave the building
  • go to the assembly area.

If possible turn off any equipment and close doors and windows as you leave. The Fire Service are automatically called but if there is any doubt telephone 999 or 112.

On hearing the alarm:

  • close all doors and windows
  • leave the building quickly and in an orderly way
  • go to the assembly area
  • report to your group organiser or tutor;
  • obey the instructions of the fire marshals.

Find your group organiser or report directly to the fire marshal. Do not go home without telling your group organiser. If you are mistakenly presumed to be missing, fire fighters may put themselves at unnecessary risk.

First Aid Facilities and Procedures

First Aid kits and chests are available in the ACL Office. Other First Aid kits are available in extra locations around St. Ivo School. Please ensure that you know the location of your nearest kit at the place you regularly meet, for instance in the Village Hall.

The appointed person is either the Adult and Community Learning staff member on duty or your group organiser.

Please ensure that you complete an Accident Report form for any injury sustained whilst involved in Adult and Community Learning activities. Forms are available from your group organiser or from the ACL Office.

Procedure at all times

Should you become ill, or any incident occur which may be injurious to your health or safety or to the health and safety of others, you must report to your group organiser who will then take appropriate action, or who will relay that information to Adult and Community Learning staff so that they can take appropriate action.

General Safety

Please drive vehicles slowly around any Adult and Community Learning sites and obey any marked speed limits.

Please do not block stairways and corridors.

Do not wedge smoke or fire doors open.

Smoking is prohibited on the whole School site.

Only CCC portal accounts should be used for email contact associated with your course.


We have made arrangements to ensure that you are safe in our centres.

If you feel you are not safe for any reason, for example through verbal or physical abuse or you have been discriminated against; tell your tutor or the centre manager. We will investigate and try to resolve the situation.