NA 303 - Spanish - Beginners Part 1

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Course Spanish - Beginners Part 1

Our Tuesday evening course is currently full but we are offering this additional course on on Monday evenings.  This is term one of a progressive (three term) course starting in September and you need to register before the start of each term. Through fun and interactive activities you will learn the basic language skills to communicate simply in everyday situations in Spanish, such as how to greet, introduce oneself, ask the time, get public transport, ask directions, ask for a cup of coffee, beer, ‘tapas’, ice cream, etc. Each topic will be widely linked with a vibrant cultural approach.
The taster option will allow you to come for two weeks to experience the course. If you choose to continue, the cost will be deducted from the full course fee.
Please note that a taster option is available for this course. Please consider this as we only give refunds where we cancel or substantially alter a course .

Required Skills No knowledge of Spanish required.
Teaching Method A variety of methods will be used in order to accommodate the different learning preferences of students, including: role-plays, individual, pair and group-work, explanations and demonstrations, games, questions and answers, reading comprehension, listening, watching short videos.
Outcomes If you attend all three terms you should be able to read/write familiar words and phrases in Spanish and take part in predictable short exchanges of information relating to everyday expressions, personal details and needs, such as greetings, telling the time, ordering food, shopping, buying travel tickets etc.
Materials required Please do not purchase any textbooks until you have been advised by the tutor or Centre. If you purchase items in advance and should the course not run due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to take responsibility for the cost of those materials.
Homework required It is recommended that you do some study between lessons in order to make progress.
Assessment The tutor will carry out some form of initial assessment for this course. During the course, your tutor is expected to discuss and record progress with you. Particular methods of informal assessment for this course are: quizzes, smartboard activities, observing the improvement of conversational skills of each learner.
Progression to The course aims to reach a level necessary to enable learners to follow an Improvers Spanish Course in the next academic year.
Textbook see above
Duration 10 weeks
Start Date Monday Sep 18, 2017
Course Costs £99.00
Concessions £80.00
Timing-start 6:30 pm
Timing-end 8:00 pm
Course Code NA 303
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