NF290 - Dowsing

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Course Dowsing

Students will learn how dowsing works and will create their own pendulum dowser. They will use different dowsers to locate items and to find answers to questions they pose as well as exploring some food intolerances for themselves and others.
Materials for pendulum dowser are included in the price.

Tea and coffee will be available free of charge.

Required Skills Although there are no skills required, this course may appeal to those who have an interest in exploring the mind, body and spirit connection.
Teaching Method Theory, demonstration and practical work.
Outcomes Using the basic principles of dowsing you will be able to use your own dowser to seek guidance for yourselves, family and friends.
Materials required Please bring a packed lunch - tea and coffee will be provided free of charge.
Homework required N/a
Assessment The tutor will carry out some form of initial assessment for this course. During the course, your tutor is expected to discuss and record progress with you.
Progression to Wellness Boost, Reiki I and II. Check out all our courses on our website
Duration 1 session
Start Date Saturday May 19, 2018
Course Costs £35.00
Concessions £28.00
Timing-start 10:00 am
Timing-end 2:30 pm
Course Code NF290
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